Eleanor Turnbull

I am an artist living and working between London and Cornwall, and a recent Fine Art graduate from Central Saint Martins. Fascinated with the physical world and how it works, I have trained in sculpture; a medium that shows no limits when it comes to material exploration, process and discovery. ‘Process’ seems to the foundation of a practice, which has built up to include an expanding collection of materials and mediums. The biggest task for me is to define it:


Performance? But that suggests a staging, and the movements of a body. I try to remove myself from the work or use myself as a tool that reveals something bigger happening in the environment: A Performance of materials maybe? I want to show how things are working outside of ourselves – how things move around our bodies.


I want my work to transform existing materials: I am not trying to invent new objects or experiences – I work to highlight the infinite number of ways we can experience what already exists. Walking through the environment, I look for routine moments that fall into the white noise of everyday life: I try to make use of this useless. I sometimes set myself tasks designed to fill in time: I use a set of rules; let the material or situation dictate the form. There is comfort in these tasks. The simplicity of motion in the physical world reveals itself, but also holds a complexity within it: There is a discovery in this lack of control that exposes how the world continually works.